Professional PDR mobile service at your home or place of work. Dents can be removed from the metal parts of the car. Prices start at £80 and depend on the size and location of the dent and also the access for removal.

What is PDR (paintless dent removal)?

Traditionally, small dings and dents were repaired at a bodyshop by panel beating, filling and painting. However, with PDR, the technician uses specifically designed tools, to skilfully and patiently lever the panel from behind, back into the original shape.

Our methods do not use body filler and there is no need for paint, avoiding the issue of blending colour with your existing paintwork, therefore eliminating factors that could cause the value of your vehicle to depreciate.

Our reliable, cost effective and independent mobile service means that non-trade repairs can be carried out at your home or place of work. Thus saving you time and money and removing the hassle of your vehicle being off the road at a garage, helping you to stay in control of when you want repairs to be carried out; allowing minimum disruption to your day.

We can remove dents on any metal part of the car - body line, wheel arches, bonnet, doors, roof, boot. Dent removal is not possible on the plastic parts such as bumpers.